Marco Pereira (CD presentation text)

Egberto Gismonti (Comments about the CD)

"(...) this first Alma Brasileira Trio CD is indeed very much above average, compared to national launchings of instrumental music. (...). Without wasting a single note, the trio recorded a CD of chamber music, on a refined and lyric tone."
                                                            Mauro Ferreira
(O Dia Newspaper - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
"The choice of repertoire could not be better and the arrangements give us the feeling we are listening to something new, though listening to classic themes.. at last, a magnificent CD! Congratulations to the three of you. May you keep on this wonderful quest of enriching Brazilian music."    
                                                            Duo Siqueira Lima (Fernando de Lima and Cecilia Siqueira)
" (...) the classics are there exactly to be recorded and eternized. The Alma Brasileira Trio fulfills this duty in a way that is at the same time renovating and respectful to the excellent repertoire chosen to this first CD."
                                                            Maria Luiza Kfouri (Áudio e Vídeo Magazine - São Paulo - Brazil)

" (...) On this debut CD, they have reached an impressive emotional quality. (...) It is perfect to be listened in admiration to the high level musicians and creative arrangements. Better still, to listen to it simply through feeling it."                                                                                                                                                                                           Ronaldo Evangelista (Jazz+ Magazine - São Paulo - Brazil)
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